Thursday, April 30, 2009


There are a few conferences coming up for Estheticians.  They are the Face and Body Spa and Healthy Aging Conference and Expo and International Aesthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference.
IECSC is having a few this year, LasVegas, Illinois, and Florida.  Face and Body Spa Conf. will be held in San Jose, CA this year.  I am hoping to go to at least one of these this year. 

Hamburger vs. Esthetician

Sunday, was the usual, starts off slow then works itself into a busy day filled with waxing.  I have started doing Brazilians with in the past few months.  I decided to bring the Brazilian into my repatoire because, I need the extra money.  I had a hard time in the beginning, trying to avoid waxing some of the "more sensitive" areas.  Now I can say that I am pretty darn good.  I'm no longer afraid to take charge and have the client hold "bits" tight and away.  It's just this Sunday I was taken by surprise.  It started off easy and casual but then she told me what she had for lunch.  "I had a hamburger with jalapeno cheese, chili, and fried onions.  It was sooo good," she said. 
   Now, I was thinking, "Please don't fart. Please."  
   I got through the whole front and then continued on and had her flip over.  This is when I heard her pass gas, fart, poot, etc.  I was turned away from her at the wax pot at this time.  I can't imagine what my face looked like.  I composed myself quickly.  That is when she said, "Ooops!  My bad.  I'm glad you weren't down there when that happened."
   I said, "Hmm yah."  
   Let me just say this if you know you are going to get a waxing clean up, exfoliate the area (salicylic acid), and please, please don't eat any food that may make you gassy.  That last part I would think would be common sense.
P.S. Hamburger won!