Monday, June 29, 2009

I Loved, I Mean LOVED my Vegas Trip

So, I thought I would write a blog about my trip to Vegas for the Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference. I had a lot of fun. I went to a few classes but I enjoyed one expecially. She was an amazing speaker. She has been in the buisness for 29 years. The class was called First Class Facials with Noreen Young. She had so many cute ideas for when I open my open buisness. The ideas included fun ways to host little get togethers and how to make the whole buisness feel warm and inviting for clients. She thinks just like I do.

After my classes I went to check out the booths. Oh My Gosh! I have never been so excited. Everything is at a great price. I bought myself some brushes and was able to snag samples too. I know now for next year I need to bring an extra suit case! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oily, sensitive, pigmented, tight

I took the questionaire and found that I am oily, sensitive, pigmented, and tight. Now, I knew I was oily. However I found I am slightly sensitive and pigmented, it doesn't help that I live in Hawaii. My skin is tight because I apply spf daily and I've quit smoking.

The book is awesome. I have found out so much info while reading it. For instance did you know that it is very important to wear sun protection while on the plane? The reason is because when those windows are open hamful amounts of UVA can penetrate through.

I would also like to share that I am now lead esthetician at the spa I work at. :)