Thursday, May 7, 2009


I know everyone makes "stupid" mistakes. I'm just curious, when do we stop calling it a mistake and call it a choice.

About a year ago a woman and her friend came in for a wrap and a massage at my spa. After each of their treatments they went to the women's locker room to wash up. One of them found, what looked like to her, a fallen bit of hair mask. Now, let me add that we keep our spa quite clean. The hair mask it was not, but rather excrement. The smell was overwhelming through out the spa after she had massaged it in. I do not know how she couldn't realize what it was. After she made this "mistake" she found our spa director and requested it be shampooed out by one of our stylists and then comp. her treatments. The spa director aloud this to happen. I still wonder if this was a ploy today... but how illaborate and gross.


  1. LOL....
    Why on earth would anyone pick something up off the floor and rub it in their hair?
    And, you know, this sounds vaguely receptionist. was a Four Seasons Hotel in, I believe, Florence.....2 women were caught pooping in a spa treatment and trying to get it for free. LOL....
    Anyway.....You should have taken a picture of them and taped it (with name) to the reception desk, instructing your receptionest not to book them ever again.
    Then should have called the police.
    Have a beautiful day.

  2. Is this the worlds first definitive example of a legitimate poo-head? This story gets more disgusting every time I read it.

    Even if she were trying to get her pampered "day at the spa" comped, is putting dookie in your hair the best way to go about it? Couldn't she have just said one of the therapists was rude or the spa wasn't sanitary? I guess she got a free shampoo out of it, too, though. So I guess she WAS the winner.

  3. OM disgusting. LOL. You'd have be pretty darn desperate to do something like that. Wow!